What would be possible for you and your team if your EQ was as high as your IQ?

The biggest factor in employee engagement is feeling like, “I have a boss who cares about me.” Gallup (1999-2017)

And we’ve known since the early nineties that what differentiates a high performing team from a regular intact team is that its members are, “deeply committed to one another’s personal growth and success.” Katzenbach and Smith (1993)

The best team outperforms a group of the best individual contributors every time. Team performance is directly correlated with connection – love for the mission, the work and each other. And the best leaders create the emotionally safe and cognitively challenging space for their teams to connect and perform.

I specialize in working with leaders and teams in the tech space to level up EQ and create connection for high performance.



  • 1:1 executive coaching for technology leaders
  • management coaching for engineering and product managers
  • team coaching


  • coaching skills for technology leaders
  • growing emotional intelligence competencies for technology leaders
  • meditation tools for focus, clarity, self-awareness, empathy and creativity


At eBay, participants in workshops led by David describe him as a great coach and love his leadership style, which creates an environment that allows everyone to open up and be vulnerable.

David’s understanding of program design and playful facilitation made what could have been a daunting task fun and inspiring.

David’s impact on our program cohorts has been transformative, creating leaders who are connected to themselves, each other and the organization.

Zeenath Khan, Head of Finance Leadership Development Programs at eBay


Dave has a very special talent for being able to listen, to understand and to reflect from different perspectives. Through working with Dave, I gained a much better understanding of what is important to me, what I find truly fulfilling and of my personal mission. Once I understood this, my company mission, vision and values became clear. I made changes that needed to happen, happen. Working with Dave was like going to a chiropractor for the soul – my values and my actions feel much more aligned.

Sam White, Founder & CEO at The PRA (acquired by Halfbrick)






David is an experienced executive coach who specializes in working with leaders and teams in the tech space to level up EQ and create connection for high performance. He understands that love is good for business – love for the mission, love for the work and love for other team members. It is the fuel that drives high performing teams to successful, aligned action.

After founding and participating at the C-level in multiple tech companies, David transitioned into designing and delivering leadership development and team development programs. For over a decade, David has been co-creating intentional change from startups to tech giants such as eBay, Adobe, and Cisco, specializing in raising emotional intelligence in high I.Q. environments. David’s ability to foster connection and effectiveness doesn’t just create high performing teams, it inspires happier and more fulfilled individuals.

David was trained and certified as a Co-Active® Coach by CTI, the world’s oldest and largest in-person coach training organization. When David is not coaching, he is usually at home in Napa with his two young sons, ninja play fighting, or making space for his lifelong mindfulness practice. Oh and the occasional glass of wine. He is Australian after all.